Hydrocarbon Solutions

EECORP is pleased to introduce Soil Rx*, a product for hydrocarbon remediation. We use an organic bio-polymer, that provides the foundation for the oil and gas industry's remediation concerns. The product supplies all the critical compnents to effectively manage all levels of contamination in a variety of environments.

All aspects of effective bio-remediation must deliver the critical components needed for complete cleanup while promoting the natural and indigenous environment. 

Soil Rx*  -  This product contains naturally occurring, single-celled, hydrocarbon-oxidizing micro-organisms; a biodegradable natural amino acid complex consisting of a nutrient-rich extract with a broad-spectrum package of identifiable amino acids, coenzymes, and other proteins in a purified, highly active humic acid concentrate.

  • Effectiveness:  The speed in which this product works is determined by several factors.  In general, these factors are:
  •  Temperature:  Optimum performance temperatures range from 40-98  F.
  •  pH:  Maximum performance range is 5-9, acceptable range 4-10.
  •  Soil Moisture:  Optimum soil moisture is 15% to 20%.
  •  Remediation Speed:  Factors that influence speed of process include type, level, depth, and age of contaminants as well as method of application, regulatory standards, and urgency.

BENEFITS:   No need to dig and haul for contaminated soils
                    "Green" remediation technology
                    Significant labor and application cost savings
                    Can be used through multiple application methods
                    Significant cost savings 50% or greater depending on contamination concentration
                    Reduce or elminate company liability with in-situ remediation due to pre-treatment and post treatment testing



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