Here is yet another example of what Edwards Environmental Corp's products can do for you! Many homeowners believe their septic system problems lie in the holding tank. As a result, they repeatedly have their tank pumped. After several pumpings, they become frustrated and call a plumber, only to find out their leach field is plugged due to insufficient, or no maintenance. All septic systems have a drainage field or leach field to which the household waste flows, and is then absorbed into the field. Over the years the system will build up sludge, which is undigested food. The poorly maintained system will begin to clog up and fail. Septic systems are designed to use bacteria to digest the waste, and are efficient provided that the bacteria are not killed by the use of an excessive amount of laundry products, bleach or other toxic chemicals. The homeowner starts to suspect his system is in trouble when foul-smelling odors arise, or foul-smelling water appears in the yard. The Bio-Regen Bio-Cat Booster FOG product will enhance, or speed up, the digestion of the existing bacteria to quickly digest the sludge build-up in the leach field, thus reducing or eliminating the grease and odors.



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