Turf Solutions

We distribute a new generation of products for turf management.  These products were developed by 3 Tier with breakthrough advances in humic acid production and the development of CarboxxTM , a revolutionary molecular transport system that delivers nutrients, supplements, and beneficial microbes in quantities never before available.  These products provide natural disease management, healthier, stronger plants, and a unique combination of ecological and economic benefits for a challenged industry.


Guaranteed Fairy Ring Solutions -  We provide a program, both remedial and preventative, which creates a natural microbial environment that regenerates the natural soil defenses, reverses hydrophobic conditions, and restores the plant's ability to uptake nutrients.  This exclusive advance has been proven to actually manage Fairy Ring, not just mask it.  The average program starts at around $90.00 per acre per week, or $350.00 per acre per month, and includes valuable nutrients, supplements, and a complete biological regeneration regimen, all guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Greens Maintenance Programs - Our programs create a unique synergy between all plant systems by providing not only basic NPK, but also valuable supplements, and a complete biological regeneration package for a fraction of your nutrient budget.  With complete programs starting around $50.00 per acre per week or $185.00 per acre per month, this program provides the foundation for continued plant health, both above and below ground.  This is the recommended continuation after the Fairy Ring program for year round management.

Biological Regeneration Programs - Using a 3 pronged attack, we incorporate Activated Humic Acid with the industry's premier soil microbial package, and provide valuable supplements like calcium to regenerate and balance the biological processes in the soil.  This program addresses all eco-soil systems to ensure maximum soil health, nutrient conversion, and natural disease management.  Maximum biological performance starts at just $126.00 per acre per month.

Sodium and Bicarbonate Solutions -  Salt Away TA is the next generation in Humic, Fulvic Acid, and Organic Bio-Polymer  Technology.  Salt Away TA is an all new, scientifically engineered blend of Ionic and Non-Ionic Humic/Fulvic/Organic Bio-Polymers fortified with Urea Nitrogen, specifically designed for the correction of high sodium, bicarbonates and metals in both irrigation water and soil.  Injection solutions start at $4.00 per acre, and mechanical applications start at $12.50 per acre.  Add Salt Away TA to any protocol to combat the negative effects of sodium and/or bicarbonate issues.

Have you ever used a humic acid product that had a significant layer of sludge at the bottom of the container?  Has your use of humic products produced inconsistent results or no results at all?  Is the price per acre and the quantity needed more than your budget can tolerate?  Are you looking for additional nutritional or supplemental value in humic products?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is time to take a look at our technologies.

The Process:  In nature, humic acid molecules bind to metals and methyl groups that must be removed to reactivate the molecule.  The process used to free these from the molecule will determine the product's efficacy.  The process used by 3 Tier to createCarboxx TM  ensures maximum receptor site availability, and guarantees a highly soluble product.  We leave the ash and ballast at the factory, rather than in the bottom of the container .  Carboxx's™   unique formulation also provides a stable remediation environment and protects the process from inconsistent results by reversing the effects of high or low pH levels, excessive salts, high clay compacted soils, or limited oxygen. Carboxx™  is OMRI Listed - Organic.

The Products:  CarboxxTM   combined with the highest quality natural and food grade elements and advanced microbial and enzyme technologies, creates a line of products that provide multiple benefits for maximum performance and value.  Our products are available as fertilizers, soil conditioners, and nutrient supplements that can be used alone or in combonation.




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