Wastewater Treatment

Bio-Regen Bio-Cat Booster FOG
  • Lower BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids)
  • Reduce oil, grease and sludge
  • Eliminate odors
  • Reduce sludge volume in the treatment facilities and lagoons

Bio-Regen Bio-Cat Booster FOG is specially formulated to enhance the natural biodegradation process of fats, oils and greases in grease traps and wastewater systems by combining Carboxx™, 3 Tier's proprietary Activated Humic Acid, with their scientifically blended Bio-Cat Booster, a diverse package of essential amino acids which stimulate and accelerate the molecular breakdown of grease and oil, complex sugars, and other proteins.  Bio-Regen Bio-Cat Booster FOG's non-bacterial formula does not require time to "grow" like many of the other products.  The Carboxx™ and Bio-Cat Booster are immediately active once added to a trap, and operate efficiently in a pH range of 3 to 9.  This formula stimulates the naturally occurring micro-organisms present that are already acclimated to that particular grease trap or wastewater environment.  In addition Bio-Regen Bio-Cat Booster FOG reduces odors associated with grease trap operation and wastewater   systems.  This formula keeps traps and collection lines free flowing  and working at peak efficiency, which translates to reduced maintenance.

Bio-Regen Compost:

Effective composting requires the precise balance of temperature, moisture, and microbial activity.  Nature provides all of these components to regenerate complex organic material into smaller units, usable by the soil.  Bio-Regen Compost is a unique compost accelerant derived from highly purified families of humates, an ultra-high concentration of synergistic bacteria, and a readily biodegradable natural amino acid complex.  Essential nutrients and additional rich sugars are added to provide a complete composting package.

Bio-Regen OWS™ (Organic Waste Solution):

Using billions of organic waste-specific microbes, Bio-Regen OWS is formulated to treat organic waste problems at the source.  An array of highly specialized species and subspecies of Bacillus microbes that exhibit specific enzymatic activities is selected to rapidly decompose organic solid wastes, as well as reduce harmful levels of wastewater nutrients and/or odor causing agents.  Bio-Regen OWS is an active mixture of naturally occurring, single-celled micro-organisms with a complete amino acid packet delivered in an activated humic acid solution, creating a triple action "catalyst and support system" that enhances the natural biodegradation process.  It is specifically formulated to be safe and environmentally enhancing while being effective.  

Bio-Regen Support:

This product is formulated to work synergistically with 3 Tier's line of Bio Remediation products to help stimulate and sustain advanced levels of bioactivity in soil and water. Bio-Regen Support contains micro-nutrients, trace elements and beneficial carbon groups that are quite often missing in the contaminated soil and wastewater structures.  This balanced blend provides the necessary energy source that promotes fast growth of both indigenous and the augmented micro-organisms in  3 Tier's products.
Bio-Regen Support is a unique formula containing micro-nutrients, trace elements and beneficial carbon groups that are quite often missing in the  contaminated soil and wastewater structures, creating a "catalyst and support system" that enhances the bioactivity process.  It is specifically formulated to be safe and environmentally friendly using natural food grade elements and stabilized urea nitrogen.

Bio-Regen WW Shock:

Effective biological wastewater treatment involves a specific and balanced use of micro-organisms (bacteria) to naturally degrade organic waste.  The challenge with maintaining this balance is ensuring that not only the proper mix of beneficial bacteria exists, but that the system can then support the growth and stability of this biological environment which will result in BOD reduction, COD reduction, and wastewater odor control.  Bio-Regen WW Shock provides operators a convenient method for rapid adjustment or establishment of beneficial bacteria.
Bio-Regen WW Shock is a complex mixture of naturally occurring, single celled bacillus spores and diverse vegetative microorganisms in a proprietary natural preservative package.  It is specifically formulated to be safe and environmentally enhancing while being effective even in low water temperature.
Effective pH range: 5.5-9.5
Effective Temperature range: 40-85º F 
Microbial Count: 5 billion CFU/gram
Container Size: 25 pouch Bio-Tub
Shelf Life: 2 years for unopened Bio-Tubs, 1 year when opened 




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